About Laura

I am a 24 year-old historical novelist who is attempting the improbable in a satuated market of bodice-busting romances. I have a specialist interest in the English Civil War period, which as far as women’s fiction goes, I would say was a forgotten era. My current WIP is a romance centres around the life of Thomas Wentworth, the First Earl of Strafford (Wikipedia him – he’s cool!).  To make my way in life I am training to be a secondary school History teacher, in the hope that I can inspire the youth of England to see the past in the same magical way that I do (or, alternatively, to pass their exams). I also have a young horse named Bailey who I will be breaking this summer, along with my own neck most probably, and  various other trivial interests such as spinning, dog walking and trudging around places of local heritage. That’s about all the basics; hope you enjoy my blog!


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