97 scribbled notebook pages…


I’ve decided to resurrect this blog (again) to talk about my latest literary venture. I’ve made the rather uncanny decision to have a go at self-publishing, since I live by the mantra of trying everything at least once (apart from bull’s balls, that’s just plain wrong!) 

I’m too ‘close’ to Journey of Pride, the novel I’ve spent the past two years writing, editing, re-writing, proof-reading and painstakingly writing query letters for. I want to keep trying for a lit agent with that, even though it breaks my heart just a little more each time I receive a “thanks but no thanks” email in my inbox. 

I’ve had writer’s block all summer. Apart from two short stories I wrote (one of which received a runner-up prize, which just goes to show that hours of editing isn’t necessarily the recipe to success) I managed nothing but fragments for four weeks of my summer break. I began to philosophise and use stupid clichés when in the pub about having ‘lost my muse’ or being ‘unable to get into the flow’. Thankfully, I stumbled across Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and that gave me the nudge I needed back toward the first-person POV fiesty female heroine niche that I’ve developed for the past ten years.

Then, in a ‘wave of inspiration’ (or heat stroke, more likely) I returned to a project I’d aborted a month ago, turned the heroine into a witch, and re-wrote the opening chapters. Twenty-seven handwritten pages in the Mediterranean heat, fed by cheap cocktails and a bartender telling me I was going to be the next E L James, and my new project had started at last! In total, over the last five days of my holiday, I hand wrote 97 pages in a crappy little notebook while my best friend took photos like the one below. I’ve spent three hours this morning typing up some of it – an impressive 4000 words – and hope to get the rest done before starting the new school term.

And I’m going to blog about my progress, from beginning to end. For what it’s worth. So that when the next nosy bastard asks me why I’m not publishing my work and why I’m not cashing in my millions, I can refer them to this so they can see just how tough it is to be an author in the cyber age. 


In other news…

Misty, my Connemara pony, had her teeth checked and all is good in the world of her mouth. Dan, my never-was-boyfriend, is actually making conversation today. Sammy (big dog) and Alfie (puppy dog) went out for a walk and I only tripped over them once. #GBBO’s bingate is hilarious. I’ve started a new protein shake diet and it sucks. I swam 30 minutes without goggles!!! And I’m thinking of going over to the pub to watch the support act for Status Quo who have just signed with Bon Jovi’s record company – best stockpile some autographed underwear to sell on eBay!



About Raula

Hello everyone, I am a twenty-something indie author and this blog is used to (occaisonally) discuss the turmoil of creating, editing and publishing a novel in this modern day. My latest project is a medieval fantasy, with lots of court intrigue, sword fighting, sex plays and backstabbing. My characters come at the centre of every piece of fiction I write because it's their troubles and choices that we can all relate to. The lavish settings and historical details are just trappings. If you are interested in this type of fiction, or you just want to share your writing journey with someone, by all means follow my blog.
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