Reconquering my confidence

I have decided to re-open this blog to talk about my experiences with my new young horse, Amber.


She is a 5 y/o 15.3hh Irish Draught X. This is her:

I bought her last Friday and she bronced me off within ten seconds of sitting on her last Sunday. Any rider who has had this happen knows how horrible it feels. A mixture of questions and feelings run through your head – most of all, self-doubt. I’ve seen it happen to someone else before – horse reared right up the moment the new owner got on. Nearly went over backwards. You just don’t think it will ever happen to you, with your new horse.

My first instinct was to send her back whatever the financial fallout. It took me an hour to get over that feeling, with my mum and one of my best mates giving me some straight talking reality. The horse has just arrived. New place. New rider. New saddle. Wormed that morning. Stabled. In season. All too much too soon for what has otherwise been an impeccably behaved young horse.

I rang Amber’s former trainer and spoke to her at length about what had happened. She was shocked but supportive, which is what I needed. She came the next day and rode her for me to watch. The following day, she came and watched me ride her. Since then I have ridden Amber twice by myself and taken her long-reining along the local bridlepaths. Apart from one broncing fit while lunging, she has been as good as gold. A real sweetheart.

However, I know that it’s going to take time before I’m confident riding her again. When I tried her, I walked, trotted and cantered her, rode her through a field of sheep and past tractors, then down a road past walkers and cyclists. That’s not going to happen again for some time. It’s the reason I have decided to re-open this blog: to track the progress I make, no matter how small that progress is.

This week my goal is to simply feel confident getting on her, even if I only walk a twenty metre circle before dismounting again. I need to slowly feel more confident getting back on her and simply riding her, even if I have to lunge her for twenty minutes first. That’s this week’s goal. Then I go to London for four days and we both get a well earned break. So let’s see if I can manage that 🙂


About Raula

Hello everyone, I am a twenty-something indie author and this blog is used to (occaisonally) discuss the turmoil of creating, editing and publishing a novel in this modern day. My latest project is a medieval fantasy, with lots of court intrigue, sword fighting, sex plays and backstabbing. My characters come at the centre of every piece of fiction I write because it's their troubles and choices that we can all relate to. The lavish settings and historical details are just trappings. If you are interested in this type of fiction, or you just want to share your writing journey with someone, by all means follow my blog.
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